What is a stall table?

The Stal table was first developed 80 years ago by Ms. Steider Burger, Germany’s first civil engineer. The Stahl table consists of standard information of widely used profiles in the construction industry under the German Dean standard, which due to the production of steel products in Iran under this standard, the Stall table has become popular among civil engineers and activists in the field of construction. To calculate the price of rebar, it is suggested that you familiarize yourself with this topic.

In the file below you can use all the information related to construction profiles using acronyms.
Instructions for using rebar stall table

The basis of this table is trial and error. First you need to find the rebar table, then mark the smallest number that is equal to or greater than your reinforcement value in the cross-sectional area column marked with the letter A. At this point, the corresponding reinforcement score you see in the table is your initial answer. At this stage, check the other information corresponding to the section, if this value does not work, go to higher sections.

To calculate the weight of the rebar using the rebar stall table, you must extract the required number and length of the cross-section branch from the table for Calculate.

rebar stall table

 314 0.098 0.617 0.785 10
377 0.170 0.888 1.13 12
408 0.216 1.04 1.33 13
440 0.269 1.21 1.54 14
471 0.331 1.39 1.77 15
 503 0.402 1.58 2.01 16
565 0.573 2.00 2.54 18
597 0.673 2.23 2.84 19
628 0.785 2.47 3.14
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Download Stall table file

Rebar price list

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